I began AffintyWorks in 2002, first practicing as a transpersonal hypnotherapist. Since then, I’ve continued my learning journey through degree programs, training workshops, and a variety of other educational opportunities. My practice now includes researching and teaching a variety of self-help techniques and, most importantly, acting as a patient advocate.

I discovered that many clients who reach out to me are coping with not only chronic illness, but also PTSD from traumatic medical experiences. Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s something care providers rarely talk about with their patients. Even if we haven’t experienced it ourselves, many of us know someone with the emotional scars of modern medicine gone wrong—missed diagnoses, misinformed choices, complications of treatment, or the lack of access to much-needed treatment. Because of my own experiences—more than one of which almost took my life—I understand the very real and detrimental impact of fear and anxiety on healing.

Today, I’m a board certified patient advocate, a wellness researcher-educator, and a professional member of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology & Hypnotherapy. My office is located in central Connecticut, and I’m a registered consulting hypnotist in my state. If you are interested in more information or scheduling an appointment, please send your inquiry to affinityworks (at) att (dot) net. All correspondence comes directly to me and is completely confidential. Details about my education and credentials can be found on my ABOUT page.

I always encourage an integrative approach to healing and wellness, and alternative therapies can be an important complement to the care given by your physician or mental health professional. If you’d like more information on the benefits of complementary therapies, you can find additional resources here.




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