I love nature, especially anything winged, like the crows, owls, and raptors I cared for as a volunteer wildlife rehabilitator. I also love fast, thundering, vintage cars and cruising the open road. These passions might seem to have nothing in common, but each evokes a kind of power. Each also embodies a means of escape.

Some part of me has always longed to escape. But I’m also a survivor—a survivor of domestic abuse, a survivor of rape, and a survivor of medical negligence. That’s a lot. So it’s no wonder I’ve spent much of my life trying to run from these legacies, hoping to put distance between myself and these experiences, memories, and the people involved.

I’ve explored many paths to healing and forgiveness. Dedicated self-care, creative work, and embracing the yearnings of my ever-curious mind, have all helped me to stop running and reopen my heart. Every day, I recommit to understanding my experiences and how they’ve defined my sense of self. Now, every day, I commit to running toward love, and helping other survivors navigate their own path of healing.

Did I mention how much I love learning? Here are some of the places my learning journey has taken me over the past 20+ years . . .

BA in Psychology, Art, Creative Writing

MS in English

MFA in Creative Writing

PhD in Transpersonal Counseling

Wildlife Rehabilitation Training

Hypnotherapy Diploma & Certification

Reiki Master Training & Certification

Meditation Teacher Training

Spiritual Practitioner Diploma & Ordination

Patient Advocacy Certification